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          Brodie the clown 

With some of his friends that visited us




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Tuesday, 30 August 201

Hi everyone I just wanted to send you a short message thanking you
for coming to Lexton

I had not been to the circus since i was a lil girl and i have to say that i had a blast
so once again a big thank  you
Julie Hall

 Moolap Vic. 2011



    Had a great time Cheers Kerryn.



Anna  with Brodie the clown





 Beth at Rowville 2011 


Chae at Rowville 2011










Lillydale 2011

  hey perry bro's (: 

me and my friends loved your show! we cant wait untill you come back to town!

here is a photo of 
Maddie (Left) Brodie the clown (MY BEST FRIEND) and Abbie (Right)

just to let you know i am the one on the left !

hope you put this up on your site!

from maddie and the gang!






Thanks for a fun afternoon,

Jane and Anna






To whom it may concern,

Thank you for a wonderful afternoon, James (7 Years old) and Olivia (6 years old) enjoyed there first trip to the Circus, they can't wait to come back again, when asked there favourite part, they both said the clowns especially the one they had there

photo with and the animals and all the other things.

Thanks again and we cant wait to come back.



  Take care and keep up the good work of entertaining not only the young but the young at heart.

Noelene, Tim, James and Olivia.









Cheltenham  July 2010




Thanks for today show Sunday 18th  July Dinkley Village





Thanks to Perry Bros Circus for a wonderfull night out at a very

reasonable price,
The kids absolutely loved the show at Cheltenham,
We told all our friends like you asked us to and we sent some pics to share
with you.
Regards, Bill  Maria  Alyssa  and Kurtis  



Hello, here is a photo that I took at the Perry Brothers circus on Sunday 25th April in Kilsyth Victoria.




Hi my daughter Scarlett (3 years) attended your circus on Sunday 23/5/10 with her nanna and pop and just loved Brodie the clown! They have all raved about the circus and thank you for creating such a wondeful memory for our little girl.
Attached is a photo of Scarlett & Brodie

Carli Gibson





1 April 2010

Hi there,

I just wanted to say that we saw your show today at Pakenham, and I thought you guys just looked so happy to be doing what you are doing. There was always a gentleman standing at the back with a big smile on his face just so proud of everyone who went out there to perform (sorry not sure of name), it looks like you all really support each other and i thought it was just lovely. As for your Elephant issues i truly wish you all the best, I did sign your petition and signed on behalf of my children, honestly these so called "do gooders" who would probably stick him in a zoo anyway..when he can be with an obviously loving family..i truly truly wish you the best..i thought your elephant was charming and seemed so friendly towards the soon as my daughter went near the was right there like it was trying to be near her or something it was so cute. Anyways i just thought i would tell you i left feeling happy and a lot of love was in t hat tent..good luck with all your future

shows and especially with your beloved pet!!



  Bayswater North


Thanks for the Circus Experience Brodie..



  Hi Five...






Thursday, 8 April
The Perry Bros circus family,
Firstly l would like to introduce myself......My name is Rebecca S and l am the mother of two boys that are still raving about the laughs and fun they had at the matinee session we came to see on Wednesday just gone.
I know of the awful, awful press you have received lately regarding beautiful Saigon ......I had previously read about it in the paper and all the cruel comments that have been flying around through other channels..
Being a huge animal lover, the way her story was written pulls at your heart.... When we travel past the circus, myself husband and sons are
always craning our necks to get a glimpse of Saigon....Elephants are really amazing animals.
Which brings me to why l felt the need to email you... I could not be sorry enough for the cruelness that has been shown towards you circus family. So this email is to brighten your day alittle ( hopefully )  
I am now a 34 year old mother and l remember coming to your circus as a child and to now bring my children to the same circus, to be honest gives me buzz....Sadly their is not many things that have stayed the same throughout the years.
Your show was fabulous......My boys laughed and just had a fantastic time and are still telling people about what they saw at the circus.........I would like to say THANKYOU. for standing strong and continuing to entertain families ...You are all doing such a fantastic job and bringing big smiles to lots of children's ( and adults no doubt ) faces...and we all know that's what it should be about, not nit picking
I have no doubt that l am only one of  hundreds of families to feel this way l just felt compelled to tell you how much l have enjoyed your circus over the 30 odd again THANKYOU
Warm Regards
Rebecca S







Hello to all the Perry Bros Circus Family

Thanks for a great night - especially from my little niece who enjoyed her very first experience of a circus that will be remembered forever!

  (and thanks for finding Robert the Tassie Devil that got left behind!)

 From all the kids,Matthew, Rebecca, Renee, Abbey, Baillee and Alanah.








Saturday, 3 April 2010

Ruben with Brodie



Saturday, 3 April 2010

 Thursday 1st April 2010

Thanks for an entertaining evening. The Groves family



 Sunday 28th March-2010


Whoo hoo we are at the circus




     Sunday 28th March 2010



  Saturday 27th March 2010


Willow had so much fun at Perry Bros Circus





Thursday, 25 March 2010


Hello Guys!!!!

I Just wanted to congratulate you guys on a great performance. It was our first Circus event and we really enjoyed it!!!!
Thanks Guys for a great afternoon and Good luck for the future!!!


From Thea  and the kiddies from Bayswater North!!!!!









Tuesday, 9 February 2010



Hi there,

Thank you for coming to Point Cook this year again, my son and family had enjoyed your show, and hoping to see
you all back next year.

from David (3 year old) and family.








 Just wanted to thank you for a great show at Torquay on Friday night (15/01/2010) My son, Brock absolutely LOVED it and has now decided that when he grows up, he wants to be a clown! Here is a photo that we were so very lucky to get! Thanks again for a great wholesome night out!

Many Thanks,